Avatar Multi-probe OTA Measurement System
  • Advanced measurement system provided by a higher standard in measurement environment settings as well as measurement accuracy.
  • Conduct MIMO Multi-cluster equipment test keysight through standard equipment to mimic the realistic environment.
  • Enhanced measurement level by connected to channel emulators
  • Precise measurement results and cost-effective


Frequency range680 – 6000MHz

Dimension(L/W/H)4.1 X 5.0 X 4.2m

AbsorberEmerson & Cuming (RoHS & REACH Non-toxic certification)

Shielding effectiveness30 MHz - 18 GHz >100 dB

Size of max DUT50 cm

Weight of max DUT30 kg


Number of Antennas23组雙極化天線數组

Angular spacing15 °

Quiet zone size20 cm

Quiet zone characteristicsSD < 0.8
CTIA v3.2 @836.5/ 1880/ 2450/ 5500 MHz

Measurement distance1.5 m

Antenna frameworkvertical loop

system stabilityantenna efficiency <3% 
(Standard Deviation)

3D Passive measurement time2 minute

TRP 15° measurement time3 minutes / channel

TRP 30° measurement time6 minutes / channel

Test functionCellular / BT / Wi-Fi

Test contentEIRP / EIS、TRP / TIS、天線幅射效率、功率波束寬、天現場型、增益

Measurement Antenna

Operating frequency680 - 6000 MHz

Polarized isolationlinear dual-polarized

Polarized isolation25 dB

Antenna gain6 dBi

ConnectorSMA (F)

Outer size21 X 21 X 21 cm (D/W/H)

Max input power36 dBm (4 W)

Switch moduleWire-controlled mechanical

Switch  service life5,000,000次


Number of Antennas8 dual-polarized antenna array

Angular spacing     45 °

Quiet zone size30cm

Quiet zone characteristicsSD<0.8
CTIA v1.1 @836.5/ 1880/ 2450 MHz

Measurement distanc1.5m

Antenna frameworkhorizontal loop

Measurement time20 min/ channel

Test funcationLTE 2D MIMO

Test contentPower vs Throughput
SINR vs Throughput

Wi-Fi Throughput

Number of Antennas4-antenna array

Angular spacing    45 °

Measurement time1m

Antenna frameworkhorizontal loop

Attenuator frequencyDC – 6 GHz, 4 ports

Attenuator insertion loss2.5 dB

Minimum attenuation 1 dB

Test function802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac

Test contentRate vs Range
Throughput vs Angle

Communication Antenna

Antenna  modelAC-00706

Operating frequency 680 - 6000 MHz

Direction of polarizationcircular polarization

Antenna gain6 dBi

ConnectorN-Type (F)

Max input power40 dBm (10 W)


Movement direction2D(Level)

Max load capacity30 kg

Turntable platter30 cm

Max load size50 cm

Resolution0.1 °

Precision0.2 °

Max speed of turning plat8 RPM

Control interfaceRS-232

Input power110 / 220 VAC

Fixturesfoam-padding platform
Path loss adjustment fixtures
Quiet zone fixtures
Handheld devices fixtures
Laptop  fixtures

Anechoic chamber

Outer size4.0 x 4.0 x 4.0 m

shielded door typeElectric auto latching

Shielded door size1.0 x 2.0 m

Shielding steel sheet thickness2 mm

Shielding effectiveness30 MHz - 18 GHz >100 dB

Shielding vent size0.3 x 0.3 m

Lighting LED lighting

Signal filterRS-232

Interface connector2 inchs waveguide
RF adaptors

Power source filter220VAC,16A

Internal power source220 VAC

CCTVfixed camera

Laser Positioner system 2-axis line laser

Control system

TableSize (w/d/h):142/50/75cm

Instrument rackw:19 inchs

Control unitIndustrial computer
Windows operating system

Power consumption 4000 W

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