Professional type A8 OTA measurement system
  • Optimum Quiet zone performance, both software and hardware can meet therequirements of CTIA regulations.
  • Has a 5.0m measuring distance and the wide space, showing the most realistic test results
  • The MIMO Single Cluster testing functions can be upgraded in future
  • Supports the lower frequency testing performance


Operating frequency0.45 – 6.0GHz

Dimension (L/W/H)8.2 X 3.9 X 3.9m(height excludes 0.2m H-type steel)

Maximum tested object19" Laptop

Measurement distance5.0m

Shielding effect0.45 – 6.0GHz > 100dB

Quiet zone size50cm

Quiet zone characteristicsSD *1 < 0.65( Refer CTIA v3.2 @ 836.5 / 1,880 / 2,450 / 5,500 MHz )

AbsorberEmerson & Cuming non-toxic proof (RoHS and REACH)

Path loss
Active Typically
Passive Typically
57dB @ 3.8GHz
68dB @ 6.0GHz


System stabilityAntenna efficiency SD < 10%

Antenna test time10 minutes

TRP test time12 minutes / channel

TIS test time17 minutes / channel

Power consumption5KW

Input power220VAC

SoftwareMaxwell OTA
Maxwell Viewer

Shielding chamber

Chamber gross weight 6,500Kg

Shielding door dimension (W/H)1.0 X 2.0m

Shielding door typeElectric auto latching

Shielding steel sheet thickness2mm

Shielding vent size0.3 X 0.3m

LightingSingle beam fiber glass with LED white lamp

Laser position monitoring1.4 million pixels camera

5mW red light quadrature axis projection-


Power source filter220V 16A

IL: 100dB, 14KHz – 18GHz-

Internal power source220VAC

3D Turntable

Turntable diameter1.2m

Turntable loadPhi 25Kg, Theta 250Kg

Turntable type3D

Turntable accuracy1 degree

Turntable resolution0.1 degree

Max. turntable speedPhi 25RPM, Theta 12RPM

Input power220VAC 50Hz

Control interfaceRS-232

Phi axis removal/movingThe PHi axis can be moved and removed

Standard fixtures Hand-held device fixtures Tablet fixtures
Laptop fixtures Head fixtures
(for SPEAG SAM Head only) Hand fixtures

Optional fixtures2D Styrofoam test bench Customized  fixtures

Measurement antenna

Operating frequency0.45 – 6.0GHz

PolarizationLinear dual-polarized antenna

Polarized isolation20dB

Antenna gain13dBi @ 6.0GHz

Connector typeN-Type Female

Dimension (L/W/H)0.54 X 0.51 X 0.5m


Communication antennaOperating frequency:0.65 – 6.0GHz
Polarization: circular polarization
Gain: 5dBi

Microwave path assembly (including cable)

Operatin frequency0.45 – 6.0GHz

Active path loss*28dB @ 3.8GHz

Passive path loss19dB @ 6.0GHz

Path type / quantityPassive, TRP, TIS, SISO, Wi-Fi Throughput, RSE

Total number of instrumentsSupports six combined testing instruments
(or six sets of paths)

Control interfaceRS-232

Input power110VAC 60Hz, 220VAC 50Hz

Option contentsSISO Wi-Fi Throughput, RSE, LTE CA, BT OTA, Wi-Fi OTA

Control unit

Control unitIndustrial computer Windows operating system
Microsoft spreadsheet (Excel) GPIB interface card

Instrument rack19"41U standard instrument rack

WorktableElectric lifting table

Fixtures cartMovable fixtures stowing cart

Installation  requirement

Working dimension (L/W/H)8.4 X 5.4 X 4.4 m

Equipment power requirement220VAC 50Hz 16A

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