M Series System


M Series System

  • M Series system architecture

    A holistic M Series measurement systems
    Atenlab M series Multi-probe OTA Measurement System, which has a definite advantage over single-probe systems, M series drastically reduce time required for measurement and increase productivity.
    In order to achieve high -performance  measurement system, M series is integrated with SISO, LTE MIMO and WIFI MIMO. With the advancement of technologies, M series is able to conduct different varieties of test and analyze cross modulation interference.

  • M Series system comparisons

    M Series products, providing a wide-range coverage to suit all your needs.

    M1-Multiply_flexible solutions for laboratory expansion 
    M3-Solitaire_Instant measurement results.
    M4-Avatar_Precise measurement results and cost-effective
    M5-3D Precision_3D measurement environment settings mimic real-world situations,Good correlation between real world measurement and chamber measurement.

  • The major measurement software of OTA system

    One-touch operation, supports multiple systems (2G/3G/4G), supports major measuring instrument brands

    Maxwell has accumulated over 10 years of customer experience, and is constantly updating its version to fulfill customer demand while maintaining high customer satisfaction.


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