Holistic OTA measurement system
  • The largest unit in the R Series
  • Ideal for large antennas and military equipment testing
  • Perfect design of compact range reflector, which yields extraordinary performance in measuring Sub-6GHz
  • Flexible upgrade option, total coverage from Sub-6GHz to mmWave


Frequency range1.7 - 100 GHz

Chamber outer size (L/W/H)Customization

Quiet zone size>1.0x 1.0 x 1.0 m

Cross polarization-30 dB

Amplitude ripple± 0.5 dB

Amplitude taper1dB

Phase ripple± 5 °

Phase taper± 3 °


Reflector shapeRolled edge

Reflector size>2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m

Feed  polarizationSingle linear polarization

polarization switchAuto switch

Feed  positionerRobot adjust

Feed  antenna Gain10 dBi

Anechnoic Chamber

Chamber outer size (L/W/H)Customization

Chamber doorAuto latching swing door

Chamber door size (W/H)Customization

Chamber Shielding efficiency1 - 18GHz >100 dB

Chamber air vent0.3 x 0.3 m

Chamber ligthingLED lamp

Power filter220VAC 16A
Insertion Loss: 00dB, 14KHz - 18GHz

AbsorberEmerson & Cuming ( RoHS and REACH )

DUT positioner

DUT positionerAzimuth
Manual slide

DUT positioner loading200 kg (Azimuth)
30 kg (Roll)(Customizable)

DUT positioner resolution0.1 degree (Azimuth)

DUT positioner accuracy 0.1 degree (Azimuth)

DUT positioner speed
10 RPM (Azimuth)
25 RPM (Roll)

DUT Positioner control interfaceRS-232

DUT positioner input power112 / 220 VAC

Control system

Operate tableAuto-lifting table

Rack19" 35U rack

Control UnitIPC

Power consumption5KW

Measurement softwareMaxwell OTA

Viewer softwareMaxwell viewer

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